There are many, many pictures of the leather book covers made in the last few years.  They are found in the following gallery links.  If you find something that is similar to what you want custom made for you, please take note of the picture number and use that number when asking for a quotation for you. Picture numbers normally take the form xxxxxDSCyyyy.JPG. (Note: The picture number appears when looking at the single cover and  when you select picture details. On a laptop or desktop the “picture details” is a pull down menu near the top right. On a tablet or phone the “picture details” are selected with the three little dots near the top right.)

PLEASE NOTE:  We try our best to adjust the lighting to acquire the right color of each item.  However, as with all digital photos, colors may vary from screen to screen due to monitor brightness/contrast settings, etc. There could be slight color tone differences between the website’s photo and the actual item.


.: Basic Construction

The simplest leather book cover is just a cover that is assembled with #207 bonded polyester black or white thread. They are a “slip-on” design, much like the old way we used to cover our school books with cut up paper grocery bags. The book just slips its covers into the two flaps of the cover.

To add any decorations (i.e. Circle/Triangle, Medallion Holder, etc.), an applique of vegetable tanned leather will be created with the decorations on it.  Then the applique will be dyed antique tan to make the lettering black and enhance the leathers texture and grain.  That applique will be sewn on the cover.

Lastly, optional items like the snap/strap and pen holder are attached.