A recent hip replacement has slowed down
the creation of custom book covers.
Ask about estimated delivery times.

The on-line cart ordering system is disabled. To order look at the “How to Order” page and send via email, phone or text what you want and we will put an invoice to order your request. Ordering custom covers doesn’t lend themselves cookie cutter ordering pages.

Please see gallery for ideas and examples.

There are seven pictures (group 1.jpg through group 7.jpg) that show the leather Big Book covers available for the one-year birthday celebrants (or now for everyone) for $79.95 plus $9.95 shipping in the USA only. Please send an email to me the exact spelling of your name to be installed on the spine of the cover you choose.  Then indicate the cover you want by picture, row, position.  I will then send you an invoice to have the name put on and method of payment (credit card or PayPal)
For example: The pink cover in group 5.jpg and in group 6.jpg would be:
Name: “Bob S.”, group 5.jpg, top row, 4th from the left
Name: “Bob S.”, group 6.jpg, top row, 1st on the left
Here is the Link to the pictures.
Those with an “X” are already sold.
I try to keep up with marking “X” on the sold covers, but I miss sometimes.
Any questions? Call me Bob 509-392-2589

Welcome to the NEW home of custom Leather Big Book¹ Covers by “Bookcover Bob”
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We make Custom Leather Book Covers for Alcoholics Anonymous² books: Standard Size Hard Cover, Softcover, Portable and Pocket for the Big Book and/or Twelve Steps & Twelve Tradition. For single books and dual book covers like the hardcover Dual Big Book and Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Book slip-on leather cover. Please see gallery for ideas and examples.




All covers are handmade from various types of leather. They are sewn with bonded polyester #207 thread. These leathers are not the “t_h_i_n” leathers found in commercially produced covers nor are they “bonded” leathers. The covers are a “slip-on” design, much like the old way we used to cover our school books with cut up paper grocery bags (long, long ago). Most of the covers are chrome tanned cowhide in many colors and are smooth grained, pebble grained or have embossed finishes (Alligator, Ostrich, etc.).

Leather is a natural product and may have some defects (e.g. range markings: healed scars, bug bites, brands, etc.).  Much like us! Those marking are natural in real leather. Many covers have an applique made from vegetable tanned cow that is dyed with a saddle tan antique dye to highlight lettering or custom carvings (extra cost).

Included (on a Training Page) is some information/Tutorials to help you build your own custom leather book covers and business.  That page will grow with more information as spare time allows its creation.