Alternate  Leather and Leather-like Vinyl Covers

If handmade custom Leather Book Covers seem too costly to you there are other places to obtain book covers for your Big Book, and other AA literature. I would recommend Culver Enterprises, Inc. for the largest variety of commercially manufactured leather and vinyl book covers. They are located at:

Culver Enterprises, Inc. 
743 Porter Lane
Grants Pass, OR 97527
Phone: 541-474-7655
Fax: 541-474-0912

Their leather Big Book Covers sell for $31.95 (price subject to change and shipping is extra) and has the Serenity Prayer, Pen Holder, Strap, Metal Corners and Medallion holder on it and comes only in black.

They also have a Leather-like vinyl Big Book Cover sells for $15.95 (price subject to change and shipping is extra) with Serenity Prayer & Medallion Holder that comes in several colors.

Additionally, they make covers for all sizes and some dual book covers.

Other makers of custom leather book covers

There are sellers on ebay® that also have AA leather book covers.  You can find them by searching using the keywords “leather big book covers”.

…and there are sellers on etsy® that have AA leather book covers.  You can find them by searching using the keywords “leather big book covers”.

…and there are other web sites found using Google Search using the keywords “leather big book covers”. Here are some samples (since I don’t keep this page up to date these links may not exist):

  • (This man fixes broken AA Books)