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I just need to tell you-I received the book cover and it is beautiful! It is even more lovely than I expected. I thank you for being the artist that you are and know that you are helping contribute to my recovery (I think I’ll be picking the book up even more because of the smell of the leather and the beauty of your craftsmanship). I’ll pass your e-mail along to anyone who might ask. Thanks again
BOB  thank you very much,the cover is amazing(very nice workmanship) cant wait to show it off at a meeting…..Thanks Darren
The book cover is gorgeous.  I am sure everyone on South Beach is going to want to know where I got it, and I am already thinking about ordering more as gifts, for the Twelve and Twelve, etc…Thank you again.
It’s awesome!! Thanks again!
It did and I am pleased with it.  The color is very pretty. Thank you for getting the cover to me quickly.
Received the cover and it looks great.  🙂  I took your advice and cut a dust jacket out of a paper bag to slip in between the leather cover and the book. Thanks again!
The Big Book cover is beautiful!  Thank you so very much.  I can’t wait to put my new medallion in it when I get it First Friday.  Thank you so much.
DL rec’d the book yesterday and could not wait to give it to him so I gave it to him early. It is beautiful and he really loved it! He immediately put his own 2-month chip in it and plans to take it to a meeting tonight. Thank you for including the brochures, as he will hand them out when folks compliment him on his book cover. Thanks for the special attention and speedy delivery. Great Job!


Leather cover received, thank you, it is awesome.
My big book cover is absolutely beautiful. I could not be more pleased. I will be contacting you in the near future for more of your fantastic work. You rock!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
It is amazing and I am so excited. He is going to be over the moon when he recieves it. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my Big Book cover. It is absolutely beautiful and everything I hoped it would be. Thanks so much for doing your part to “pass it on”.
The cover arrived, and it is beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful workmanship!
The cover came last night. I am so thrilled I cannot even tell you. It’s, well, perfect. And you just don’t get that in this world.I can’t believe how lucky I got to just somehow find you to do this project. I envisioned something, you were willing, and then you immersed yourself and made it something bigger than both of us, something much more beautiful and unique. I’m sure all my friends are going to go ga-ga over it. Good thing it has my name on it or my sponsor might abscond with it! 🙂  I hope you do like you said and make yourself one. I was going to wait until my ninth birthday to use it, but I doubt I’ll be able to wait that long. Thank you for caring so very much about your work and your clients. I wish you the best and will be happy to recommend you to all or even to write something up for you if you want.  Beyond my wildest dreams.
Thank You!  I love the book cover.  You did a great job.
I love love love my leather covers that you made me.  I am enjoyoing them so much.  Thank you for your patience and I will be in touch again soon.  They are wearing very nicely too.  Thanks  again
The leather book cover arrived today. It fits and looks great.


I can’t thank you enough.  It is beautiful.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!
I got it! It’s beautiful!  He absolutely loves it!  Thanks again.  We’re keeping your cards for others and if we want to get something else later so thanks for including those.  God bless!
Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you with a heartfelt thank you for the beautiful job you did on my Big Book/12 and 12 dual book cover.  I would have written sooner, but I’ve been so busy studying my books in their new leather cover!  You did a great job and I will highly recommend you to anyone.  It was great also to see my cover featured on your website.  Thanks.
Hats off to you and your talent!  The cover arrived today and is perfect – just as we discussed via email and outstanding in person!  Thank you for the professional and timely way you do business.
I received the cover and it’s great! Thanks so much!
I received the book cover today in the mail. Thank you so much. Your work is beautiful and I know my husband will love his gift. I’m sure he will be the envy of everyone here in our community so we will pass along your cards when asked about his cover.
Thank you so much! We received it yesterday and it is beautiful. You are very talented. What a gift. Take care and have a wonderful day!
Got it and I LOVE it!!!  Great job. Thank you sooo much!!!!
Just got it.  It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!  Thanks my friend.  I will pass along your name to other members.  I have already gotten compliments on the Big Book cover!
Bob: the book cover arrived and it is beautiful. Thanks so much.
Cover received. Nice workmanship!
Thank you Bob.  Your work is the BEST!
I received my new BB cover on Saturday and I absolutley love it!  thanks so much.  I will pass on the cards to those who would like one. Thanks again,
Bob:  Just received the leather cover.  It is beautiful.  I am completely satisfied with it.  Thank you.


Bob:  The leather Big Book covers arrived today in the mail.  They are beautiful.
Your skill and time are appreciated.  Plus your fast turn around are great.  I have ordered online from other internet operations for chips, CD’s and books.  Your service is far superior to any other.  Thanks.
I now have ordered 5 of your covers and passed your business cards on to other people.  Your fine work speaks for itself.  You will get more requests for covers from this area.  There is a Big Book study coming up in November here also.  When people here see you craftsmanship I will pass it on where to order the covers.


Bob, the covers came yesterday and they look wonderful, thank you


I visited my post office box today and there were your beautiful book covers.  Thank you most sincerely.  Each cover fits its book and also fits my idea of the perfect match. They are very different from each other.  I like that because I get something different from the Big Book and the 12&12.  You did a good job – the stitching is beautiful.


Thanks, Bob.  I just love the work you do!   My 12&12 is pretty old.  I think these book covers are going to be just fine, and I don’t expect to be returning them.  The eagle feathers are extraordinary.  The simplicity of the plain brown cover with all its wrinkles just makes me smile a great big Cheshire Cat grin.  I can’t decide which one I like best, and that means they are both a huge success. God works through your hands, that’s for sure. Have a great day.  By golly, have a great life!


I received the book is good condition, and have started using it with 2 sponsees already.  It’s quickly acquiring all my notes and scribbles.  Thanks SOooooo much.  It’s absolutely wonderful!  I’m sure your book will last years and years.  Quite very happy.  I hope to be a returning customer very soon.


I just received my cover, and I couldn’t be happier. Absolutely, one of a kind craftsmanship! I am already trying to decide what I will order next. No more “special stars.” I promise. Thank you for the care and detail you put into your work.


Bob:  The Big Book cover arrived today.  You have done an excellent work again. It is better than I could have hoped for.  She will appreciate it…Your design is perfect…What you did with the beginning of the prayer is more than enough.  Thanks again for your fine craftsmanship.
On November 5th, 6th, and 7th there will be a Big Book study here in Cedar Rapids.  There will be 5 covers that you have made for myself and 4 other people.  I guarantee that people there will see your craftsmanship.  I will pass on your business cards and give you a good reference.  Everyone that I have had the covers made for really appreciate them.  You have a calling to make these covers.  As long as I can, I will pass your skills on to AA people here.


Hi Bob, I received the cover for my friend and it is beautiful! The cover you made is going to a woman who came close to death in her alcoholism. She has struggled, but her eyes have come to life again. I know she will treasure the cover you made! I just wanted you to know what joy your talent will bring many, many miles away!  Thank you.


Hi Bob:  fast delivery, beautiful product – you got my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Book arrived today. It is beautiful. Thank you very much!  I’ll pass out your cards at [my home group].


Bob, I absolutley love the cover!  Obviously it arrived and I apologize for not emailing you as soon as I received it.   I’m looking forward to Christmas morning when this gift will be opened by it’s recipient.  She is going to love it as much as I do!  The color of the suede is gorgeous and the detail of the vine on the cross is perfect.  Exactly what I was hoping for!  Thank you so much.


I received the cover yesterday, and it was absolutely beautiful! A work of art! Thank you so much!


The cover got here Monday and it is beautiful!   Thank you so much for the time and trouble to get it here before Christmas, especially with the mix-up.  I know Gary will use it for years to come.  Thanks!!!!


I just received my cover, it is truly awesome. You are an artist.
Thank you so much for the effort I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas and Thank you again.


I got the cover today and I absolutely love it. Thank you for such great service and I am sure I’ll be back.  Thanks


Awesome!  Even nicer than I envisioned. I am most appreciative for your talent and service to the AA community. I just came from a day-long journey through the Steps by Doug M. of VA.  Outstanding. Thanks again.


(This was in response to a cover with Caymen (similar to Alligator) sewn on the cover:) Great thanks for this original Big Book cover, it realy reminds me of how many teeth my Alcoholism has…… Thanks again for your great craftsmanship!


Your wife was right, it was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much! I just think it is so cool how you do the cover for the large print. Of course, I will be ordering again in the future.


I got the cover and gave it to Sean yesterday and he loves it! Sorry I didn’t get bk to you sooner, it’s been nuts around here. Thank you so much, I have  your cards and will hand them out 🙂


Just wanted to let you know that I got the cover today and it is great!  Thanks so much!  I have tucked your cards inside the front cover so I can give them to anyone who is interested.


I received your package.  Your cover is AMAZING!!  It is so wonderfully designed and constructed.  I am very impressed.  I have the cards that you slipped in the back, and I will  be sure to give them to all of those who will, without a doubt, admire it.


The cover came today and it is Awesome!!  Thanks so much!!

I will pass along your card to our friends!


I got it yesterday and am finally catching up on email: Magnificent work sir, thank you.


The item arrived yesterday.  It’s terrific, just as I hoped.  Thank you very much.


Once again, you have made a beautiful treasure. The backpack Big Book arrived today and my friend loved it!!!!! She is returning to school after many years out of the classroom, and I know it will encourage her on her journey, so thank you so much. I will be ordering again soon! Have a wonderful weekend:-)


How thrilled am I with the cover??? Thrilled to bits !!!!!!. I could have cried when I saw it. It is just beautiful…..I am so excited to be giving Arthur such a lovely anniversary gift…I can’t wait to see his face. Thankyou so much,


In this day & age of scams, gimmicks & plastic, it is refreshing to do business with a craftsman & gentleman such as yourself.  I received the cover today and the picture did not do it justice.  Its actually more than I had hoped to find in a suitable cover for my BB!!
I am heading out to do some shopping, to include some Kiwi Neutral polish as instructed!!


Thank you so much.  My new book cover arrived and it is beautiful.  You do fantastic work!  I really appreciate the patience you had with me as I was deciding exactly how I wanted to cover the look, and the result is perfect.  I also appreciate the fact you included detailed care instructions so I can keep it looking great.   Thanks again and take care.


The cover arrived today.  It’s as nice as I imagined it would be, thank you very much! I noticed you put some of your business cards in the package as well.  I will be happy to give them to anyone who asks!


The cover arrived today and he was SO pleased with it.  Thank you so much.  I’m sure he’ll show it off at the meetings and maybe we can drum you up some more business.  Thanks again!!!!


OMG – I had to sit down.

I had matching vinyl covers for my BB & 12&12 during my early years.  Sadly, I miss-laid them.  (I hope they are somewhere in the garage – but that is another story.)

Missing them, I sewed covers for my BB, 12&12 and 24hr Book out of some old denim jeans.  It was more of a labor of love for the program as I do not sew.  It took me about ten combined hours, but it was my labor for my program.  Many folks complemented them.  Still, I missed the “AA” covers.   (I bought them while at my 1st AA convention and miss the reminder of the experience.)

These new leather covers took my breath away.

Thank-you soooooo much for getting them to me so quickly.

The gold one is going on my BB as soon as I finish keying this.  The “Trainee” will lay in wait for my next pigeon.

Thanks again!  Alcoholic as I am, one will not be enough.  I am looking forward to placing my next order.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is AWESOME even better than I expected it to be! The coin is so nice too. Thank you so very much Book Cover Bob, you do wonderful work and I will be recommending you to all my program friends. My husband wanted me to ask if you do the NA Basic Text Book cover as also, I assumed you did, but told him I’d ask. Once again THANK YOU very much!


Customer comments: Got it yesterday and it’s beautiful! It’s a little drawn at the corners but I’m hoping it will stretch. 

Comments back to the customer: “Not sure what “drawn at the coners” means, but:

A simple guarantee:  If, for any reason, you do not like your new Leather Book Cover — you may return it, within 30 days, for a full refund.

“If it does not work out, please return it and I will send you money back in full.

“I do fit each cover and take a picture of it so I can show others what different styles of covers look like.  I’ve attached the picture of your cover and if you can describe the problem some more to me, perhaps I can help.  I try to make the cover to fit a new book and compensate to fit one that has been read (they get a little thicker after reading).  I also recommend that extra cards, papers, schedule and bookmarks be removed and see how it fits,.  If it is still tight, take the cover off, grab the top two corners and pull hard, repeat for the bottom two corners.  This accelerates any “break-in” period.  This assumes that the cover is too tight.  If too loose, I have other solutions.

“This cover was made for the hardcover 3rd or 4th edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous.

“I want only satisfied customers and will gladly refund your money in full.


Cover arrived today.  Made a paper jacket for my Lg Prnt 24 Hr Book and slid it in.  It looks fantastic!  Rubbed in some Kiwi [neutral she polish] as per your instructions.

This cover will be gifted tomorrow morning and it will be hard for me to watch it go.  But it is all about giving so I will be happy about it knowing that you and I made it possible.  I will let you know the expression on Wally’s face as his sponsee places it into his hands.  Wally really cradles his book so I hope this cover enriches the love for his book.

If you would, please send me an updated price for another one.

Thanks for all your help,


It looks awesome! We love it. If you can send it now that would be great. I told my Mother in law to be exspecting it so she will know.  You can wrap it however you think it will look nice. Thank you so much for such a beautiful job!! We are soo happy..he’s going to love it. Your check should be there anytime!! Again Thanks.


(We will more than likely be odering another one in a couple months for another family member..will keep all your info!:)


Craig rcvd the book cover safe and sound…Thank you!


I just received a Big Book cover of yours for Fathers Day and I’m really impressed.

In fact I will be ordering one for my wife in 3 weeks and also will pass your website along those who are interested. For our Central Office I’ve been searching for a wholesale connection for the “El Cheapos” and I don’t want to carry those…that is the reason,in almost 21 years I’ve never purchased one. Again thank you for the quality and uniqueness of your product


I received the bookcover today – wow that was fast! It looks great! I love it, and I’m sure my sponsee will love it too 🙂


Got the book covers today, they are really nice, you do really good work. Thank you so much, I know she’ll love them, she’ll cry actually, she’s a baby that way.  Thanks again, very much appreciated,


the cover arrived today and it is gorgeous!  i am sure my sponsee will love it and i have it in time to give to her for her trip!  thank you for shipping it out so fast.


I received the cover yesterday. I love the color. I will be ordering again soon.


Bob, I got the cover. the quality is amazing Thank YOU.  Curt


Just wanted to give you a heads up.  Cover arrived today. It looks great.  I have to make a dust jacket for my Big Book, then I will get it all put together.  I am really happy with it.


I received the cover today and it was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!


thank you, thank you, thank you!  I received my big book cover today – I LOVE it!  The sample piece of alligator was BEAUTIFUL…. wow, now I want one like that!…. just can’t afford it. I’m sure I’ll drum up some business for you from this end after everyone sees it!
Also, I really like the place marker strip.


Sorry for the delayed response, I love the cover, it is beautiful and smells fantastic. The only person I have showed it too was my sponsor, he was very Impressed and asked who did it for me. I will give him your b-card. Without any doubt in my mind everyone who see it will want to know where I got it. I will pass out all the cards to good leads.

  • The back top is a reminder the me I must keep equal balance in my program & life.
  • The bottom back is reminder to stop and take in the beauty of the world and the people in it.
  • The front cover reminds me of complete peace, solitude and sharing natures beauty with all creatures.

I remember my Grandfather telling me we here half way to heaven. At night with no moon it seemed like you could reach into the sky and pluck your very own star.

PS, If you have pictures and would like to post the cover on your website, I would be very proud! You should be too!


received the book cover today, love it thanxs!


I received the bb cover today.  The pictures on your web sight do not do justice to your craftmanship. It is the most beautiful leather work I have ever seen, the love and caring that went into creating this piece of art work is clear. The leather is beautiful,the tooling is very sharp and even,the stitching and braiding couldn’t be better. Thank you so much my friend is going to cry many tears of joy to have such a beautiful cover for her directions for living, thank you for all of your time and thought that went into it , every one who has seen it is awed by your talent.


Thank you so much for the bookmarks!  I have been out of town for the month and received your package when I returned.  That was an incredibly nice gesture and it didn’t go un-noticed or unappreciated!  My bookcover looks fabulous!


I will pass your website on to others and contact you when I need more bookcovers. …. I’d really like the real alligator one, but can’t afford it!  Oh well, when I win the lotto I’ll give you the heads up to start sewing!


Thanks again!


Thank you for the great job!   It was a real pleasure to receive this on my ‘belly button’ birthday, today.  I love the smell of ‘Real Leather’.




Hi Robert. Just wanted to let you know that I received both BB Covers. They look great. One is for my wife for a Christmas gift. I’m sure she’ll love it. Thank you so much for the exceptional work.


The book cover came a couple of days ago and I cannot begin to express how pleased I am. It is beautiful and the quality is 1st rate. I have already given a couple of people your card. Leave for the BB study tomorrow in NYC and will pass along your info to anyone who inquires. And thank you so much for the prompt turn on the order.

Peace, Love and God Bless


Customer comments: “Thank you for sending the big book cover.  I received it today.  ONE PROBLEM:  There was supposed to be a circle for him to put his coin in, and it is not there!
I really wanted it that way…however……..It is gorgeous — I do love it, and I know that he will, as well…Thank you.  I will keep it!  Merry Christmas”
Comments back to the customer: “I am so sorry. My guarantee is: If you don’t like it for any reason you can return it, with in 30 days for a full refund.  Should you change your mind, I will honor that guarantee.  Wishing you and Royce a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”


Received the cover, we love it!! Thank you! Have a great holiday!!!


Hey Bob, just wanted to let you know I received the cover on Tuesday, It’s beautiful! Thank you very much for getting it out so quickly. I’m sure you’ll be getting more orders from our group soon.


Forgot to Thank you very much for the cover.. I love it!! Tell your wife she did great on the color too.. I will be having you make me one after the holidays..

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!


I just received the cover, It’s beautiful! I want to thank you so much for getting the to me for Christmas, It’s very special.


It is so far beyond my expectations I cannot even put into words the beauty of your work.
I can hardly wait until this weekend to give to my husband in celebration of 180 days sober.  I just know he is going to love it so much!


Forgot to Thank you very much for the cover.. I love it!! Tell your wife she did great on the color too.. I will be having you make me one after the holidays..
Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!


I just received the cover, It’s beautiful! I want to thank you so much for getting the to me for Christmas, It’s very special.


I got my BB cover today at my favorite meeting. It is BEAUTIFUL!!  Everyone was “ooohhhhing and aaaahhhhhing over it. I hope you get many more orders. Thank you for your service.


Just wanted to let you know the cover arrived.  Thanks so much for your hard work!


The cover arrived today and I am totally  happy with your work and craftsmanship.  For a new design and “first try”, I am ecstatic about how it came out, and  will recommend your work to those interested.  Can I leave a comment/testimonial concerning your work on the website ?


Received my custom designed book cover today for my Big Book traveler size and 12×12 softcover. I am extremely happy with the design , craftmanship, and finish of this cover.  To all: Please buy here- you will not be disappointed. Top quality items can be found here.


I have not forgotten about you.  In the past, I have ordered 6 covers from you for other people.  They have all been more than completely satisfied by your excellent craftsmanship.  I have not tried to find anyone else to buy a Big Book cover from as I know no one else can come close to what you do.  In the future, I will order more covers again from you and pass on your card to others, so they too can purchase a cover from you.     This is not a rush order, just mail the cover to me when you finish it.  Thanks again for your fine service and excellent work.


I got my cover today, and OH MY GOSH, I LOVE IT!  I will have to have
one for my 12×12 now, dammit 🙂


Bookcover arrived and it is beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much.


Thank you for the beautiful book cover! I’ll pass your cards around.


Got the cover on Friday and I love the work.  Thx


The cover came the other day and it is fabulous! Thanks so much, Have a great sober day.


I have recieved my cover and it looks great. Thanks a mill. Bob. I will be handing out your cards as well. Cheers mate. May God bless you and yours. Till then…


The covers arrived today.  I’m sure you hear this all the time but they are so much more beautiful than I imagined when I ordered them.  Your craftsmanship shines in both of them and I love that you included the Keep It Simple medallion.  I can not thank you enough.


We received the cover, yesterday.  It is a Birthday gift for my husband and he loves it!

Thanks so much.


Thank you so much for the beautiful book cover!  It arrived in the mail today.  The leather is so soft and even better looking than in the online photos.  Congratulations on such fine craftsmanship. 


Hi Bob, I just received Bryan’s book cover. I am so impressed by your work! I can’t wait to give it to him. I’m looking foward in receiving the next one. What a special gift to sobriety. Thanks again


It’s here and I LOVE  IT!!!!   It is perfection!  Thank you again.  I will let you know later about the cover for my sponsor.


The Big Book cover arrived today.  It is truly a treasure, and I know  Dennie will think so as well.  Thank you so much.


Received the book cover for my dad……THANK YOU!  It look so great…I cannot wait to give it to him on the 29th…saw him today and wanted to give it then…I know he is going to love it!  Thanks for getting it to me so quickly..WOW!!!  Godspeed.


This is Jimmy down in SC.  I got the black leather cover in with the Third Step prayer the other day.  Beautiful workmanship and it looks great. Thanks much.


I really cannot tell you how much I appreciate the fantastic job you did on my Big Book cover.  The craftsmanship you put into the covers are amazing and the finished cover is exactly as I described it to you, it’s perfect. This cover is for a special book that I carry when I go into treatment centers to “carry the message” and when I take men through the 12 Steps. This is a very special book to me and now it has a special cover to match.


BTW, the Big Book cover is gorgeous.  Everyone who sees it ooooos & ahhhhhhs over it.  Maybe you’ll get a few orders?


Got the cover in today and already it is  installed, looks beautiful and durable!
Packaging was great and shipping fast!! I will highly recommend this product!


I got the Big Bookcover today and could not be happier. Thanks for the quick turnaround.


I just wanted to let you know that the cover is so beautiful – I’m so impressed with the quality and the workmanship. And thank you for doing it in such a timely manner – all around I was delightfully surprised. I would definitely recommend you!


Your package of 3 covers arrived today.  The covers are outstanding as usual.  Thank you for your time and service and excellent craftsmanship.  There is no hurry on the other 6 covers that I also ordered.  You do not have to put them ahead of other customer requests. Thanks again for your prompt replies and for making  such fine covers.


I received the cover yesterday, you did a GREAT job!!! Thank you.


We rec’d the big book cover and it’s beautiful!  Your work is excellent and we thank you for all the attention to detail.  This was a 6 month celebration gift for my son and he is already planning for another cover from you for his 12 & 12 book for the 1 year birthday!  🙂  Thanks for the blessing, and be blessed!


Bob, Got the cover today and it is perfect!!! Thank you so much!


Bob, the book covers are BEAUTIFUL!!  they are just what i wanted, thank you, thank you sooooo much!, i have even been asked many times where i got them, and of course i gave them your card.  wow and you got it to me so much sooner than expected.  your the greatest!


Bob – I did receive the book cover last week, and it is gorgeous, beautiful, awesome, and inspirational! You are truly talented — thanks!!!


Received the 3 book covers today. The dual book cover that is goat skin is beautiful. I am running out of adjectives to describe your work. And the two DSC_1945 book covers are outstanding also.  I will pass on the three Big Book covers (DSC_1945).  Also the extra business cards.  Your covers are winning praise here from everybody who sees them.  I will order 2 more in the middle of August.P.S.  Bob, have you ever thought about just making leather coffee coaster  (round with the Trust God/Clean house/Help others logo.  Give me a price on a dozen round leather coffee coaster.  Or maybe round leather coaster with a group name on it ( The Pass it On group).  What do you think?


Thanks for the quick service…I have the BigBook properly installed, have a 12 Steps and Traditions ordered, and will show it off at my meeting Wednesday.  It’s a real showpiece…every bit as nice as I had hoped.  I put one of my business cards with my contact info inside the front book jacket, in case it gets left behind somewhere.  That may help any honest finder to get it to me.


Anthony loved the cover!!!  Thank you so much.  I have a friend that will probably be ordering a cover also!


I received the book covers and they are beautiful Thank you so very much. I will use them with pride! AND I will recommend you to all who are interested.


I absolutely love my Big Book cover…It is beautiful…..Thank you so much for changing the patch to my name…..I wish you all the best!


The cover is absolutely beautiful. I’m sure Steve is going to love it.


Got it today. Love it! Can’t wait to now send it on to him. Thanks so much.


Order arrived. Love it.


Just received the books & cover today, Bob! It’s even more beautiful than I imagined it would be, THANK YOU!!!


Received my Big Book cover – it looks fantastic! Thank you so much, Bob!


The book cover arrived today! It’s absolutely gorgeous, and exactly what I had hoped for. Thanks so much for your beautiful craftsmanship. I will cherish this special memento of my sobriety.


Hi Bob – The mailman just delivered my cover and I have already put my books in it (with covers).  It is gorgeous!  Thank you Thank you Thank you.


I believe I was asked in one of the emails to tell you when I received the cover.  It came yesterday (Fri. 10/14).  It’s very classy, and I’m convinced I got exactly the right combination of extra features.  It looks like you take pride in your work, and I’m proud to own something of this quality.


Rec’d the Big Book and cover today, it looks great!  Thank-you so much, will pass around your business cards to anyone interested.


Hey Book Cover Bob,
I’ve been carrying one of your Dual Big Book and 12 Steps and 12 Traditions covers for 3 and a half years now and it looks better than ever.  A lot of customers have told you how much they like the way their covers look, but I wanted to tell you how well the WORK.  Since I got your cover I have actually carried my books with me constantly and since it hase a pen holder I always have something to write with at every meeting.  Over the past 3 years my books have become covered with great notes and quotes that have become invaluable to my program and have made me far better at helping others because I now know where to find things because of my notes and underlinings.  I knew I’d love the cover because it looks cool, but I didn’t know it would actually improve my program!  I got my cover as a gift from my wife on my 20th sobriety birthday.  I am now getting ready to order another cover as a gift to a sponsee who just celebrated his first year of sobriety.
I wish I had gotten mine on my 1st year instead of my 20th.  Just think of all the great notes I never took and the wisdom I have forgotten from those who are now gone.  Anyway, I know it is not the cover that gets us sober, but hey if it gets you to carry your books more AND take notes AND use them like it did me, it can really enhance your sobriety.  Just thought you might like to hear how your cover has helped change my life and I suspect the lives of lots of other people too.  Keep up the good work.  Looking to ordering again soon.


I received the cover friday and it looks great. I already know people who want one. You do wonderful work!


I received the AA Big Book cover today, it is absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t thank you enough for your work of art. I am giving this to my fiance on our wedding day, Nov. 10th. AA holds a special place in our hearts, not only because we got our lives back, but it is also where we met. Thank you for adding to our special day. I will be a repeat customer and will be sure to give your cards that you included to our friends, I know they will love the cover too. God Bless.


Received the cover…it’s fabulous! This is a Christmas gift, but I’m going to have a hard time waiting till then to give it to him. 🙂


I received the book cover for <name>!  It looks wonderful!!!  I am very pleased.  I think this might be the best Christmas present I’ve gotten him yet!  I cant wait till he sees it.  Thank you so much!


Dear Robert – I just received my book cover this morning.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Don is going to love it.  Your work is truly amazing.  Thanks again.


First email: I sent the payment via paypal – I trust your judgment, your work is beautiful, it was hard to decide and I had to keep reminding myself that it was for him (a man) and I couldn’t pick the girly stuff I wanted!  Thanks so much.

Second email: I just wanted to let you know that the cover is amazing!  I gave it to my husband this morning for his AA birthday and he nearly cried at the beauty and thought.  This has been a tough year for both of us (my sobriety date is 9/8/10) and we’ve come a long way since this time last year and this is a beautiful symbol and a tribute to the work that he has done. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


They arrived today in plenty of time for xmas, and they look fantastic!!!! the quality is excellent. thank you so much for this. They are going to be thrilled. i will absolutely recommend you to others!


Just got my new AA cover and it’s beautiful!! You should get my check soon. If not, just let me know and I’ll take care of it. Thanks again!


I recieved the big book cover I ordered for my husband, today. I can’t believe how quick it came and how beautiful it is.Thank you so much for the rush order and your beautiful work. I can’t wait to give it to him, in front of all the people that will be there to celebrate his birthday.I plan on ordering me a bible cover, within the next couple of months.Thank you for everything and God Bless!


Got the Big Book cover a half hour ago and it’s better than I imagined!! Thanks for the great effort and quick response. Will keep in touch and I’ll give out your card to the “gang” when they take notice and ask about the cover. Take care and talk to you soon.


I received my big book cover and it is outstanding in design and quality! Thank you so much for your hard work. I wish you the best and a Happy New Year!!!


The package arrived today.  My husband loves his cover.


I just wanted to let you know that I have received the book cover.  I was away over the holidays, and it was in my mailbox on my return last night. It was for my husband and he is very happy with it!


I received my Big Book cover today and put my Big Book into it (with the dust jacket included). I am extremely pleased with the quality of your work and your attention to detail.  I appreciate your labors! Never has my big book looked this nice!

God bless you!


Thank you–I received the cover today. It is beautiful; I am sure my husband will love it.


Thank you so much, it is beautiful and I really appreciate your attention to detail and also getting it done so quickly. I will recommend you to anyone needing a special gift.


Here is an email thread regarding a specific customer requirement:
Attached are 2 files: 1.Mock up of the desired cover and 2. photos from your website.
The mock up is very close to what I want. The only design modification would be the forefront of the Dunes where the Camel is standing. Something needs to be added to blend it in better with the Dune background and set it apart from the block where my name is shown.
The leather color of the base cover would be a natural tanned leather.
The Tooled Block (camel & dunes)would be the yellowish color See the Elephant cover you did. The colors/tones to create the shadows/shades of the dunes I would leave up to you. The camel would be solid black as shown.
I could provide a trace drawing or direct you to the clip art sites where I pulled the original images from if you wish. The cover shown is a cut and paste mock up.
The finishing/stitching would be like the elephant cover (black stitching)
Could you give me a cost for this project?
Call me or e-mail me with any questions etc., If possible I would like to receive the finished cover on or before March 8, 2011
My compliments to your leather tooling skills. I did a bit of it when I was younger and know the time and talent it takes to create such beautiful end results.
Thank you again.
Thank you for your interest. The only thing I did not understand is your comment: “The only design modification would be the forefront of the Dunes where the Camel is standing.  Something needs to be added to blend it in better with the Dune background and set it apart from the block where my name is shown.” I would propose just placing the name in the sand and forget about a block.  Please advise.
I have sent payment via PayPal for this project. 2/6/12
Follow-up Comments,
1. I agree,  No Name block or line
2. I agree Name to be in “Dune”.
3. Name Location NOT in Center – Place name in Lower Right Hand Corner, Smaller font size so it doesn’t distract from the leather art.
4. When I referred to the forefront of the “dunes”  that is the lg. solid angled block where the camel is standing.  If you have any ideas to make the over all image more dimensional I trust and will accept your modification.  For technical reasons if you want to move the crest/shadow of the dune behind the camels head to the right fine by me.  What I like is the style of the dunes, and the camel shape/position shown in the paste up image sent to you .  As per my original mail the colors/tones  used for the Dunes/Shading etc. I will leave up to your discretion. (keeping them in the natural ranges shown.) NO Bright Colors i.e., blues greens etc.
5.  If the camel tail needs to go because its too thin, I would prefer that instead of it looking like a 5th leg 🙂
Attached are the images used for the paste up, Thought they might make the trace out easier.
Let me know if you have any questions etc.
Thank you
I’ve gotten to the point where I begin to assemble the cover. Attached are two sample colors for the cover. Which one would you prefer?
If you unhappy with any aspect of the progress, just let me know and I’ll happily refund your money.
To be honest it doesn’t look good.  I was looking for color/shading on the background and only seems to have black. I thank you for your attempt. Thank you for refunding my payment.

The customer was right. I did not like how the project progressed and refunded his payment along with my apologies. Here is a link to what the customer wanted and my unfinished cover.


I got the cover today its beautiful thank you so much!


Got the cover, LOVE IT, i will refer you to anyone i can!!! thanks again


Good Morning! Just wanted you to know we received your package on Saturday and were so pleased and surprised to get it so quickly.  My husband picked up his two year chip on Saturday morning so for the package to come the same afternoon was very special.  We love it…the craftsmanship is superb and it’s meaning will stay with us forever.  My husband was truly touched. Thank you for providing a special gift!


The cover arrived. It is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I can promise you that I will be ordering more from you in the future. I gave this to one of the ladies that I sponsor as a gift for her one year anniversary.  She too was speechless.  Thank you, thank you


I received my order yesterday and it is beautiful. Thank you.


I want to tell you how much I LOVE your craftsmanship and care in creating my dual Big Book and 12X12 book cover.
It is even better than I imagined it to be, and I expect it will last me decades of AA meetings – which is why I bought it from you instead of the leather $50 one I saw elsewhere.
3/22 is my 90 day token day, and although this cover was really expensive, it was really just three weeks of chardonnay at 2-3 bottles a night, right?  I think of that every time I am admiring it.
Thank you for your hard work creating this, and may God bless you for helping us drunks have something of beauty like this, that I hope to have with me still when I get my 20 YEAR token!


Hello, Just want to let you know- we received the book cover last weekend it looks FANTASTIC!  Thank you!


I received the cover & surprised Buddy with it.  He loves it and doesn’t want a thing done do it.


Thank you, thank you for the bookcover! It’s perfect. Also, thanks for the coasters- I now have one each for the computer desk and “big” desk! I appreciate the fine work very much. Have your cards and will carry some with me in my travels. Take care.


Thank you so much for my cover. I received it today and love it! Thank you for the business cards, I will happily recommend your work.


Received the cover today.  It is absolutely beautiful.  John is going to love it.  The colors are wonderful and the workmanship beyond what the website could have shown.  You are simply amazing!!!! Thank you.


Customer wrote: “I was under the impression that you priced them to include lacing all around.  They are stitched.  Surely no modifications to the case are needed.  My question is whether I paid you for a feature that was not included.  Please let me know what you recall.”
My response: “You were right on two accounts.  One, you said that after I retired that things wouldn’t get simpler. And two, I made an error by stitching instead of lacing.  I’ve issued a refund in the amount or $90 with my apologies. I wish I could make fewer errors, but it seems that however my mind works–I will continue to make them.  Thanks for understanding and glad that the covers were accepted and enjoyed.”
Customer: “Thank you!  And the covers were received with great joy & appreciation. I did not c a need to mention the lacing. I suspect that u will get some business from the recpients.”


I received my new cover today and it is PERFECT!!! I love it! Thanks you so very much. I’m glad you sent some cards…I will definitely be recommending you.


You are amazing and so very thoughtful. Cover arrived and is perfect.  Thank you so much. Have a wonderful weekend, knowing that you helped someone feel very loved.


Thank You so much for my book covers! They are perfect and I love them. God willing, I will use them for many years.


Good morning Bob and great news!  I stopped by the post office yesterday morning on my way into town to let them know about the package you had sent on Saturday and they had already put it in my box – it had already arrived!!  I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to see it and it looks sooo good!  You did a great job and I can’t thank you enough!

I’ve already shown it off to a number of people and I have a big meeting to go to tonight and I can’t wait to show it off there.  This was a very special gift to myself and I’m thrilled to have it already and to have it look so nice!  Thank you again and you were such a pleasure to work with!  Keep up the good work and I know I’ll be back!!


This exceeds our expectations!!!! The cover is beautiful. We will refer all our friends in the program to you! We can’t thank you enough!!!


Phone call: Received a call from Amy. I made a custom Large Print Big Book leather book cover for her Dad. The quotation for the cover stated “Third Step Prayer”, but I made an error and it had the “Serenity Prayer” on it. I was prepared to received the returned cover and make a corrected cover, at no cost to Amy, but after a discussion and two calls she said the nicest thing: “The cover was meant to have the Serenity Prayer”. I heard the love in her voice and it made my day. I am still willing to fix the error should she change her mind. BTW—the cover she had me make had this on the back: “Love Always. Your Girls”. Isn’t he blessed.


Dear Bob… Thank you for the book cover. I love it! I also appreciate the gift as well. I just gave your e-mail to a friend of mine, Bonnie. Hope you hear from her. So many people comment on your craftsmanship and artistry. Thanks again. Jenny


IT IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much… Your craftsmanship is outstanding.  I will pass out your cards to the many people that will ask me about it…Thanks again.


I just received my big book cover and it is gorgeous.  What incredible craftsmanship!!  Thank you so much.  Hope to see it on your website so that others can order and enjoy it also!!


I just received the cover & I could not be happier! It’s absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much….I’ll definitely be sending my friends to your website!


I just wanted to let u know that I recieved my book cover. Thank you so much for your prompt service. I love my cover!! It is PERFECT!!!! I will tell all my friends about you, but the cover will speak volumes for your work. Once again, thank you so much!!!!


Received Book cover. Thanks so much!


The cover is beautiful, thank you so much for your work.


I just got my cover in the mail today, and – first things first – I thought I’d let you know I recieved it and say a big Thanks! I love it!  I’ll keep the business cards in the flap and hand them out when I get a compliment on it.


I just wanted to Thank you for the beautiful Big Book Cover you recently made for me.  It’s absolutely beautiful!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship!  Absolutely gorgeous!  Truly a work of art that I will treasure my LIFETIME!!!  Everyone asks me where I got it, and I’m happy to tell you I have your business cards tucked away in the front flap so I can tell them EXACTLY who made the work of art!  Again, thank you for being a part of my recovery!
Just received the latest Big Book cover.  Once again you did an amazing job. Thank you!!
Robert, I received the leather book cover and I am thrilled with it. It is beautiful. It will last a lifetime and I love that it is handcrafted. Thank you so much! I know people will want to know where I got it and I will be sure to share your information with them. Thank you again!
Subject:  Big Book Cover after 5 years of service

Got the cover as a 20th A.A. Birthday gift.  Celebrating 25 this month!  I thought you might enjoy a look at your work after 5 years of heavy use.  This cover has seen a lot of miles, sometimes in a saddlebag, sometimes on the floorboard of a truck.  It has been dropped, spilled on (Coffee!) and mistreated.  The older it gets the better I like it.  On a more important note, the cover has helped change my life.  I love to carry it and it keeps my books with me everywhere which has helped me study more and share more.  Thanks for helping save my life!

Customer comments: Bob– Greetings. I received the cover today and it is beautiful, thanks. I’m sure you’ll be getting orders from this as Sandi shows it off and hands out your cards when others ask…However: It is missing the pen/highlighter holder. Since I paid for this, please issue me a $10 credit at your earliest.
Comments back to the customer: $10 refund was sent with apology.
The cover is beautiful, thank you so much for your work.
Robert answered all my questions and was very helpful as we created my cover. His art is truly a gift from God. The detail work is intricate, and made with high quality products. He went above and beyond in this creation. I will cherish it always. When I saw it I cried, it was so special. I will be back soon to get one for my husband. Thanks again, ~Shannon


I just got my cover in the mail today, and – first things first – I thought I’d let you know I recieved it and say a big Thanks! I love it!  I’ll keep the business cards in the flap and hand them out when I get a compliment on it.


I just need to tell you-I received the book cover and it is beautiful! It is even more lovely than I expected. I thank you for being the artist that you are and know that you are helping contribute to my recovery (I think I’ll be picking the book up even more because of the smell of the leather and the beauty of your craftsmanship). I’ll pass your e-mail along to anyone who might ask. Thanks again


Cover looks awesome man!!!!! God bless!!




I just wanted to let you know that we received the book cover today and it is absolutely amazing!!  David was speechless and it way exceeded our expectations.  Thank you for everything, we cannot express how much it means to us that we have this beautiful handmade book cover.  That we were able to personalize everything on it and that you made it to those classifications so beautifully is incredible.  David has already received many compliments and has handed out some of your business cards.  Thanks again, we love it!


We got the big book cover!! It looks fantastic, I’m sure my husband will love it!! Thanks so much for getting it here so quick!


Robert, the book cover just arrived and it looks great! Just exactly what I wanted, especially the color. Thank you.


Bob, I received my custom cover today and I was BLOWN AWAY!  It was beautiful beyond my expectations!  Thank you so much!  I will pass out your business cards

and hope I send more customers your way!


i received  the cover! thank you so much.. he is going to love it.. it came out awesome


Thank you very much. It is perfect, he loves it.  I will be in touch for one for myself soon :).  Thank you again


Bob,  just wanted to let you know I received my book cover today.  It is amazing!   Your attention to detail and quality workmanship is very evident.  I am proud to own one of your works of art, and I will be sure to pass along your business cards!  I am already planning on ordering another cover for my sponsor as he will be celebrating his 30th year of sobriety in April.  Thanks again!


Thank you so much for the beautiful AA book cover. You did an awesome job, it fit perfectly. This was a gift to my son, he loved it.
Thank you


It’s been some months now since you completed my order and sent my big book cover to me.  I have long since passed out all the cards that came with my order.  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the cover.  It looks very nice and of course protects my big book from vampires and government officials.  😀

Seriously, I am very pleased with it.  Thank you again!

Received it, beautiful work Bob!  Thank you so much!  You will be receiving more work from Wisconsin!  Thanks again and Blessings!


Thank you very much for sending me the pictures. It is exactly what i had hoped for. You are very good at what you do, and the man i am giving it to will be overwhelmed. He just got a year sober, and this will be a pleasent surprise for him. Thanks again, and I will surely be sending some more customers you’re way.


Today was my husband’s AA birthday, and when I presented your cover, (arrived just in time), which I placed on my big book, so he could get the full affect, he just loved it!  He is not a demonstrative man, so his reaction was even more meaningful!  Now he has it on his tattered 22 year old Big Book.  He travels a lot for work, and always brings his Big Book with him.  Now he has a beautiful new, personalized, hand crafted cover and we could not be happier!  Your cover is even more beautiful than expected.  Thank you so much for your unbelievable craftsmanship, expedited shipping,  and your 22 year chip.  I’m certain that more orders will result from this one.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥.


I got my dual big book cover and it is more beautiful than I could have imagined. When weighing the value, the gravity and the beauty of the words inside those books–the very books that saved my life–I absolutely could not have put them in a run of the mill cover, for it would have belittled what they are worth to me. If I could adorn them in jewels and gold, I would..but they might be a bit cumbersome to carry around. 🙂 No…I think they are better held by a cover made intentionally and uniquely by human hands. Hands that craft with love, and with the full knowledge of what those books offer to each of us. After all, those books lead us to the very hands and heart of God. Thank you for your incredible service, and I thank you for your labor of love…that will last forever, a priceless treasure to me.


Just wanted you to know that the person that I gave the covers to was very pleased with them.  I waited this long to tell you because she received the package but did not open it until 2 weeks ago.  She told me that they were beautiful and really appreciated your work.  I enclosed your business cards and told her that I did not make them but if anyone asked who made the covers to pass on the cards.  Everyone that has received your covers has remarked how beautiful they are.  You have a skill and talent in making these leather covers and AA members cherish  putting the covers on the Big Book.  Thanks again.  If you get more orders from St. Paul, Minnesota, don’t be surprised.


Bob, just wanted to let you know that the cover I ordered arrived today.  I am AGAIN satisfied beyond words!!  I know my sponsor Mike will really appreciate it.  Thanks again for another quality piece.  I will be sure to pass out your business cards.  I have been getting numerous compliments on mine.


joyous, happy, and free…….


Oh my gosh!  I got the big book cover today and it is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you so very much it was worth every penny!  If you want to use that in your photos you are more than welcome to do so!  And you don’t have to cover up my name in the online library I don’t hide my anonymity I don’t advertise it but I don’t hide it either!  Thank you again!!!


Hi Bob – I just received the leather Big Book cover you made for me – It is absolutely gorgeous. Wow. I am so impressed. I shall distribute your cards all over St. Augustine AA, outside issue or not. 🙂 Thank you so much for such a beautiful product. You’re a true artist and it has been a pleasure working with you.


Received the cover. I love it!


Oh my Goodness Robert!!! I am so in love with the cover!! I couldn’t possibly have asked for more! I just want you to know how happy I am with how it turned out. I highly suspect my fellow AA’s will be taking those business cards off my hands in no time and once I have decided on what I want in a standard size big book and 12&12 cover I will surely be contacting you.

Thanks again


Robert, Thank you for the excellent work you did on my Big Book and 12 & 12 cover. It arrived today and is exactly as advertised. I can assure you it is already being put to a useful purpose.  With sincere gratitude


Customer comments: Hi Bob, What an incredible surprise when your package arrived today !! 28 years in this fellowship (and all that comes with it), you brought tears to my eyes.

What a gesture! A new book, the cover, the color of the cover, and ‘Keys of the Kingdom”  (my favorite story – Sylvia K.).

I shared this gift with my closest friend at our women’s meeting today — just grinning ear to ear. Such true ‘fellowship of the spirit’ … carrying the message and the light.

I’ve gotten like ‘everything’ is my favorite page, chapter, prayer, etc., etc. Sylvia’s story though is particularly wonderful. What you put on the cover I ordered I call “God can be found on page 55”.  LOL

In return I’ve attached an article (prose) that touches me deeply. Perhaps you are familiar with it, but it’s a read that can only strengthen us each time.

Do enjoy. Stay always in the light and carry the message. It could not have been a fluke to reach your website out of so many others.

Thank you again for enriching my spirit and love for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Attached article:
I Stand at the Door
By Sam Shoemaker (from the Oxford Group)
I stand by the door.
I neither go too far in, nor stay too far out.
The door is the most important door in the world –
It is the door through which men walk when they find God.
There is no use my going way inside and staying there,
When so many are still outside and they, as much as I,
Crave to know where the door is.
And all that so many ever find
Is only the wall where the door ought to be.
They creep along the wall like blind men,
With outstretched, groping hands,
Feeling for a door, knowing there must be a door,
Yet they never find it.
So I stand by the door.

The most tremendous thing in the world
is for men to find that door – the door to God.
The most important thing that any man can do
is to take hold of one of those blind, groping hands
and put it on the latch – the latch that only clicks
and opens to the man’s own touch.

Men die outside the door, as starving beggars die
on cold nights in cruel cities in the dead of winter.
Die for want of what is within their grasp.
They live on the other side of it – live because they have not found it.

Nothing else matters compared to helping them find it,
And open it, and walk in, and find Him.
So I stand by the door.

Go in great saints; go all the way in –
Go way down into the cavernous cellars,
And way up into the spacious attics.
It is a vast, roomy house, this house where God is.
Go into the deepest of hidden casements,
Of withdrawal, of silence, of sainthood.
Some must inhabit those inner rooms
And know the depths and heights of God,
And call outside to the rest of us how wonderful it is.
Sometimes I take a deeper look in.
Sometimes venture in a little farther,
But my place seems closer to the opening.
So I stand by the door.

There is another reason why I stand there.
Some people get part way in and become afraid
Lest God and the zeal of His house devour them;
For God is so very great and asks all of us.
And these people feel a cosmic claustrophobia
and want to get out. ‘Let me out!’ they cry.
And the people way inside only terrify them more.
Somebody must be by the door to tell them that they are spoiled.
For the old life, they have seen too much:
One taste of God and nothing but God will do any more.
Somebody must be watching for the frightened
Who seek to sneak out just where they came in,
To tell them how much better it is inside.
The people too far in do not see how near these are
to leaving – preoccupied with the wonder of it all.
Somebody must watch for those who have entered the door
but would like to run away. So for them too,
I stand by the door.

I admire the people who go way in.
But I wish they would not forget how it was
before they got in. Then they would be able to help
the people who have not yet even found the door.
Or the people who want to run away again from God.
You can go in too deeply and stay in too long
and forget the people outside the door.
As for me, I shall take my old accustomed place,
Near enough to God to hear Him and know He is there,
But not so far from men as not to hear them,
And remember they are there too.

Where? Outside the door –
Thousands of them. Millions of them.
But – more important for me –
One of them, two of them, ten of them.
Whose hands I am intended to put on the latch.
So I shall stand by the door and wait
For those who seek it.

‘I had rather be a door-keeper
So I stand by the door.


I gave Nichole her Big Book cover today and she just loves it! It is very beautiful and smells wonderful! Thank you so much for your craftsmanship and prompt delivery of this product We will give your cards out to any who notice (and I’m sure they will!) She also posted a picture of it on fb today and the comments have been great. Thank you so much!


I rec’d the cover yesterday. It looks great! Thanks for making sure I got it before his party.


Dear Robert,The cover has arrived.


Customer comment: The dual large print Big Book/Twelve & Twelve cover is so pretty!  The color is perfect!  “Take one day at a time!” is what my Dad once told me.  He became the Dad I always wanted, he died sober, and he shows me the way to go.

Additional Customer comment (later in the day): One of the feather tips was rather sharp and caught on my bedspread.  Just the tiny tip of it has pulled away but has not ripped off.  I don’t think it’s worth sending back for any repair.  What can I do?  What do you suggest?

Customer comment (next day):

Good Morning!

I’ve thought about it and this is such quality work.  I want to show off that quality too.

I knew the feathers would be raised but maybe not so much.  Since it’s on the back of my dual cover, I’m concerned other part will catch on things and tear.

Considering the price, the bottom line is that I’ll be taking you up on the 30-day satisfaction policy.

I also like the hummingbird design seen in the gallery and would be interested in that.  So, instead of a refund I’m asking if you could you replace the back applique to show the same quote with a hummingbird?

Reply to Customer: Glad you rethought the issue.  Please send the cover back to:

Desert Leathercraft LLC
Attn: Bob Stelmack
2532 Banyon St.
Richland, WA  99352-4117

If you can give me the picture number/name of the butterfly you like I can go with that.

I had never placed a 3-D carving on the back of a leather cover. Most that you see were on the front, but I try to do what the customer wants.  Lesson learned here.  Thanks for your patience.  I will start the new cover when the old one arrives.  Your other cover should be done next week.

All covers have the same money back guarantee. I will be remaking this cover as learning experience.  Normally (well, I’ve only had one cover returned) I just refund the money.

Reply to Customer: The modified (butterfly back applique) cover shipped today.  Hope it meets your expectations.

Customer comment: Love the butterfly!  I love how the dye changes color too.  God makes no mistakes and this change was meant to be.  Thank you so much!


Hi Bob, The cover arrived today, and it is beautiful! Thanks so much


Beautiful!  I’m in awe of the quality of your work and in seeing a quote by a “friend of Bill” to my Mom when my Dad had passed.  This Daily Reflections book cover means so much more to me now.  Thank you again!


Just a quick note to tell you how thrilled I am with the cover!!  It’s really quite a beautiful piece of work. I will certainly pass along your business cards. Thank you


I received my cover yesterday, and it looks great.  Thank you so much, you do great work!!  People here have already been asking, so I will pass your cards on to them!


The cover came today. It’s beautiful! Thank you!


I received the Big Book cover yesterday!  It looks great!  Thank you for all of your help during this process!


I got my book cover in the mail today. Just like each review said, it is even more beautiful in person. I love it. Thank you so much.


The leather cover is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!   I LOVE IT!!!!!!   I will pass on your cards to whomever is interested.   Thanks for doing this!!!!!


I received the cover today 9/7/2013.  Very nice, thanks


I just wanted to let you know that the book cover arrived the other day and it is absolutely beautiful! My partner loves it! I am so glad I ordered it. Thank you so much for the lovely work and for all the love you put into your creations.
Peace and many thanks


the book cover is amazing! i will recommend you to everyone! thank you so much


I got it!  It’s beautiful, I love it!  Thank you so much!  You dowonderful work!


Received the big book cover today.  I am very happy with the way it turned out.  Excellent craftsmanship.  There will be some envious people at my morning meeting on Monday.  Thank you.


And this is a understatement  “WOW”,The cover is wonderfull I cant thank you enough it fits like a glove,the workman ship is outstanding and I will enjoy it for a long time.I will hand your cards out to every one I know.THANK YOU


Customer comment: Hi Bob – received the cover – BEAUTIFUL! But…I also got a 2nd one in different fedex package  – same cover but with serenity prayer and at bottom initials SDH…I assume this was to go somewhere else as I didn’t order or pay for this – would you like me to send this back to you>?

Reply to Customer: How embarrassing. Please send it back. I will reimburse you for the postage.


I received my book cover in the mail today. Thank you so much for turning that around so quickly. I love it! I was hoping to get the books in there right away, but I want to take your suggestion to have the dust jackets on them. I’ve long since threw mine away so I’ll have to get or make some new ones.


Just received my custom book cover. Ty so much. I know my g/f is gonna love this for xmas.


Book cover has been received. The cover met my expectations and the smell of leather is refreshing. Thanks for sharing your creative hand.


What a great job on the book cover for my husband Joe! It’s beautiful and I thank you for your great work.


I received Frank’s cover today. It’s gorgeous! Thank you so much, can’t wait to give it to him.


I received the cover!  I hope he likes it as much as I do. Thank you so much for the quick turn around!


Bob,Got the cover! It looks amazing and fits like a glove. My sponsor loves it. Thank you thank you thank you!


Exceeded expectations. I can’t wait until I can order one for myself. I’ll be passing your info on in the rooms, and I’m certain my wife will as well. I can’t thank you enough for the work, the guidance, and the amazingly fast turn-around time. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


You really out did yourself. I just received my cover and absolutely love it. It’s better than I imagined. Thank you so much and I will be ordering another one soon. I will also pass your cards around.


I received the cover yesterday and all I can say is it is beautiful, beyond anything I could have expected.  You put it all together perfectly.  Love, love it. Thank you so much. This is the best gift ever so I am not sure what I will do in the future to top this.  Now I want one!  I will definitely keep this in mind for any future sponsees when they reach milestones.


Received my book cover. Looks fantastic! Better than I expected! You do amazing work!! I will hand out business cards to people I show it to. Thanks so much


You do beautiful work. Thanks.


It is beautiful; exactly as I ordered. Thanks much for the expediency and the craftsmanship.I would not be surprised at all if some other orders trickle in from her homegroup.


I received the book cover yesterday and Nick just loves it. He goes to a special AA “Cigar Meeting” on Thursday nights, and was thrilled to be able to take it their for the first time. His home group members were very impressed with it and felt Nick really deserved it. Thank you so much for all you did working with me. It was a pleasure.


Just got the cover – it is beautiful.  Thanks so much for rushing it.  We are celebrating her birthday tomorrow, so perfect timing.


Customer comment: I just received my book cover. It is lovely craftsmanship.  It is exactly what I expected except the blue color.  It isn’t even close to what I ordered. I know you said that the digital color won’t exactly match the leather but this is way different. I picked a vibrant royal/cobalt type blue. This is navy blue.  If that blue couldn’t be gotten I would have picked another color. NOT navy blue.
I am not happy with this color. I wanted a bright happy color. This is not bright.  If bright blue cannot be done then what bright colors can be done??
Please advise as to how we can change this. Thank you in advance.
Reply to Customer: I am so sorry for not meeting your expectations. I have a simple guarantee:  If, for any reason, you do not like your new Leather Book Cover — you may return it, within 30 days, for a full refund.
I have and will continue to make mistakes. Giving a full refund of the money back and paying for the return postage is what I consider making amends for my mistake. Making and remaking a cover would put me out of business in a hurry.
I have put together place that make book covers for AA literature that can be found at :  …or… you can use Google to search using these keywords (leather big book covers) to locate another leather craftsman for you.
The check to cover your total initial purchase and funds to ship the cover back is in the mail. Once again, I am so sorry for disappointing you.  Please accept my apologies.
Customer comment:Oh dear I am sorry it can’t be fixed as it is beautiful. Of course I understand your position and I appreciate your willingness to refund my cost. I am sorry it didn’t work out. I am leaving for two weeks in two days and am overwhelmed with tasks. I will do my best to drop it in the post before I leave. Otherwise it will be June third before I can. Please know that I do think your work and efforts are beautiful. Thank you. Yes please make check to me and mail to the same address as the cover once you receive it back.  Thank you and God bless and of course apology appreciated and accepted.


Hi, I received my 12×12 cover the other day…..light tan with the circle and triangle recovery, unity, service on the front and just love it. Thanks for doing such nice work


You made me a Tan colored leather stamped Crocodile pattern cover with a circle and triangle patch about 2 years ago that is still just as nice looking as when I first received it.  A good number of folks have asked me about where I got this Big Book cover and I keep giving them your website. Again thanks for your craftsmanship.


My book cover arrived today.  I could not be happier with it.  Thank you so much!


Bob,   I got the cover in the mail this afternoon. It is VERY nice. I am sure people will notice and I will definitely give them one of your cards. Thank you


The cover is a head-turner! I have your business cards tucked in one of the pockets for future referrals.


I received them n love them thank you so much!!


Hi Robert,You really did an amazing job on my Big Book cover. That and my Big Book together are one of my most favored possessions!The craftsman ship is simply superb!

Thank you very much,



She absolutely loves the book cover. Thank you for working with me on it. It is absolutely beautiful and the perfect way for me to honor her and the manner in which she had been of service to me.

Thank yoi


Dear Bob, I wanted to let you know I received the Big Book cover you sent. I can’t tell you how much I love it. Everything on it was perfect – I have been carrying it around to meetings, and to a Sober Fest here in Colorado this weekend. I can tell you it was a good thing you put a lot of business cards in the mailing, because I have been overwhelmed with requests for your information. They see the red leather, which stands out, and also looks quite elegant, I think, and then approach me as soon as the meeting is over.

Great job, and blessings and peace to you. Thanks again – Meg C


Customer comment: Wow, that was fast.  Thank you so much!  The cover is beautiful and can’t wait to give it to my boyfriend.  I will highly recommend you to friends and I’m sure I will be doing business with you again soon once everyone sees his new BB cover.  Thanks again.  I would love to give you a review on your website.  If there’s a way to do that, please let me know.  Thanks again.
Reply to Customer:Thank you for the kind words.  Glad it met your expectations.  As for the reviews, I just post the comments I receive (like yours–good or bad) on the Customer Feedback page at:


The leather book cover you sent was delivered on Monday and looks fantastic, it is exactly what I ordered and fits a brand new hard cover big book like a glove. Thank you very much, I will be referring you work!


Customer comment: Received my cover in the mail today. Many thanks, it looks great. My only question is that the cover is a little large top to bottom for the book, there is slight room for the book to slide up and down. Is that the correct measurement for it?
Reply to Customer: That extra room has allows less stress on a the paper covers of the book and help to keep the cover from separating from the book.  Here is my guarantee:
A simple guarantee:  If, for any reason, you do not like your new Leather Book Cover — you may return it, within 30 days, for a full refund.
Customer comment: 
I would like to return my item for a full refund as fulfilled by your guarantee – as much as I love the work on my cover, it is too large for the book and makes it a pain to read as it is constantly sliding up and down inside the cover. It is just too loose and is inhibiting function. These dimensions were not specified prior and so I hope you can accommodate my request. Please let me know where to send the cover to and how, and I will be happy to do so asap. Many thanks and appreciation,

Reply to Customer: Sorry that the cover did not met your expectations.  I will review your comments when the cover arrives and see if I need to alter procedures or design. I do appreciate your and am sure that you will help me make better covers.

I have sent a refund to the credit card company you used to charge the cover in the amount of $98.95.  Please return the cover to:
Desert Leathercraft LLC
Attn: Bob Stelmack
2532 Banyon St
Richland, WA 99352-4117

I will send a check to cover your postage when I receive the cover.
Thanks again.
Comment: Cover returned, refunded the return postage to customer. Will review the master cutting jig and adjust, if necessary.
Customer comment: Just received the cover with your lovely note – It fits great on my big book now, thank you so much for the adjustments and for returning it as a gift, what an amazingly kind gesture, I cannot thank you enough. Your craftsmanship and generosity are greatly appreciated. I will keep and use it forever.


I just received!  Thank you very much.


Bob, wanted to let you know this Book cover was received. This cover was for a friend of mine in the program. He is an older veteran, and had no computer or checking account, so I was helping him with his order. He says to tell you he is very pleased with what you sent. He is now proudly carrying his Big Book everywhere. Thanks so much for your efforts and hard work!


My husband’s leather bound Big Book just arrived!  It is beautiful and I am so thrilled!  He will cherish and enjoy reading this book in the many future days of sobriety.  I can’t thank you enough.  I wish you a very special, healthy and happy holiday season!


Dear Robert, Thank you so much for the beautiful Big Book Cover, it’s perfect. I love it and will treasure it for years to come.


We received the book cover. My husband is very happy with it. Very nicely done.  Thanks for offering non-traditional options 🙂


I received the book cover today.  Looks great!


I cannot express to you how beautiful it is.  Thank you so so much for those extra touches and having it done so soon!  He is going to absolutely love it.


Just received. It’s beautiful. Thank you!


It received it yesterday. You are so talented! It looks even better in person.  Thanks so much. I will definitely be sharing your info with my home group.


The cover turned out great, it exceeded my expectations. You  do wonderful work.  I will not be giving it  my daughter  till she graduates in May but when I do I will follow up and let you know how much she likes it.

Thank you


I received my book cover today. It is beautiful. Thank you so very much for working with me. Take care.


Here is an email thread regarding a specific customer requirement:
Thank you for the priority with which you produced the big book cover. However, the patch seems to not have equal dimensions. Please see attached photo.
No problem.  Return it and I will replace the patch.  Please send to:
Desert Leathercraft, LLC
2532 Banyon St.
Richland, WA  99352-4117
if you would like a complete refund, just return it and let me know you want a complete refund.
Sorry for the error.
I love the cover. I will send you the cover the fix.
Cover received–thank you.  I’ll start the repair/replace tomorrow.
Cover repaired.  Actually I kept the applique and remade the green cover.  There was an error when I cut the cover and the top front edge was not straight.  Hope this meets your requirements.  Let me know.
Received the cover, looks beautiful. Thanks for fixing it.


Hi Bob, The book cover was received.  Thanks!


I got the cover today and it is SO GORGEOUS!  Thank you so much! And I didn’t expect it this fast either, tomorrow is his birthday too. : )   Thanks again and I will be telling everyone I know about you and your talent.


I want to thank you very kindly for the most beautiful workmanship.  I’m humbled and I thank you. Thank you Bob. Have a great day. Joyous days of blessings to be sure.


The cover arrived today in less time than I expected. I’m very pleased with the work and overall quality of the product. Including a pen and highlighter was a nice touch. I’ll keep you in mind when I’m looking for a gift for a friend in the program.


I received my book cover. I think it is beautiful. Thank you very much.


We received the leather bound books for my father’s birthday.  You did an excellent job.  We couldn’t be more pleased.  Thank you so much for your superb work and service.  If you ever need a reference, just let me know.


I received my book cover order today!!  It looks great!  Thank You!


Thanks for the cover. It’s awesome and my friend loves it!  Take care


hi robert just got the cover its really great thanks for your professionalism in making the gift of a life time I will be recommending you to the entire east coast Jimmy


I received it and it looks great. Thank you


I just received the cover…..and ….WOW! I love it.  You do lovely work.  I will pass your name around to all my friends

Thank you, thank you, Shannon M

I will let you know when I am ready to order the 12×12 cover…..not real sure what cover to pick but I will go through your portfolio.  Have a great weekend!


Got it today.  It looks great.  Thanks, Robert.


I received my cover in good condition.

I love it! The quality of the leather is outstanding and your workmanship is excellent!

I will treasure my BB cover and carry it proudly! Thank you for your talent and service to the fellowship.


Hi Bob….my name is Terri P and I am the recipient of one of the Leather Book covers you so generoulsy donated to the speakers at the Gem State Roundup.  I would like for you to know how much I love it!!! The amount of artistry and and craftsmanship you put into your trade/hobby is incredible!!!  Gosh…it’s just beautiful!  I hear Vivian talking about how the speakers were getting a book cover but didn’t realize what a blessed gift it was until I received mine.I find God continues to work in mysterious ways…..the cover I received has the coin “To Thine Own Self Be True” and my previous sponsor (who passed in 2009) would always tell me that…and as I have journeyed through life and have tried to “Be True”…somehow, the cover you were guided to created for me….continues to remind me I am blessed.  Your generosity has touched me and I wanted you know how very much I appreciate you and how much I love the cover.

I know Vivian loves the roundup she attends in Washington…hopefully I can make the trek one day and thank you personally.

Until then….May your journey be filled with peace, joy and love.


I just opened the book covers!  They are exactly what I wanted 🙂 so beaytiful! thank you so much. My books will be much happier.


I just e mailed Rosemary telling her how beautiful my bigbook cover is.  I love the colors and the craftsmanship.  It is exactly how I envisioned it.  Thank you so much.  It will sit on our coffee table in AZ. with pride.  I’ll keep my dog eared soft cover copy I started out with here.

Always,    Cindy F


Here is an email thread regarding a specific customer requirement:
Bob, I received your book cover yesterday.  Although it is very nice I expected the “brown” to be like the attached.  There were no color blocks for the choice of black or brown and after looking at the galary I thought the brown was the lighter color.  How much will it cost me to correct this?
No problem,  if you would like a complete refund, just return it and let me know you want a complete refund.
Sorry for the mix-up.
Well then can I return this one and order a new one the same but with the colors shown as in the prior attachment?
I have and will continue to make mistakes. Giving a full refund of the money back and paying for the return postage is what I consider making amends for my mistake. Making and remaking a cover would put me out of business in a hurry. I understand that there might be some confusion in the “color” brown selection, since brown can run from light tan to dark chocolate brown.

I could not find the same leather as your referenced picture, but I did find something close.  Please see attached.  If you would like that leather sent to you for examination, let me know.

Other than that here is a link to select a leather from Hide House in Napa, CA. You can order the samples to see them as an actual piece of leather::


You can look through the whole website and check out the colors of the different types of leather:

(After you make a decision, I would like your input on how I can change the color selection of brown to help others.)

Bob, the one you sent in front of your computer looks great.  Can you use that and the color of the applique in the picture I sent?  How do we proceed?
Bob, the lighter the applique the better but it’s not a deal breaker.  As to the inside, this cover appears to be blue not black, so brown as in dark brown like this cover would be OK, but a light brown would be best if you’ve got it.  As to the order form – if you place a small color block next to the choices of black and brown it would leave no question as to what the cover would look like.  Of course you’ll always have to put a disclaimer about computer color vs. actual color.  I sincerely appreciate your time given to this.
New cover is complete and will ship today.  Be sure to not leave the cover in bright light or sunlight or the applique patch will darken, just like our skin will. Hope this meets your expectations.  If not, I will refund your money.

The cover arrived today.  It just as I imagined.Great work thank you so very much.


Received the book cover this morning….awesome.  You do very nice work.


I wanted to let you know that the book cover has arrived and I’m am very pleased. I agree the metal corners are a nice touch.  I can’t wait to give this cover to my sponsee….I know she is going to love it!


The cover arrived safely yesterday. It is beautiful and my son loves it!  Thank you!


I received the cover today. I Love it! It’s perfect! And I like the date on the inside better! 🙂 It looks Great! Thank You So Much!!!



Just got the cover today and it’s beautiful!  He’s going to love it, I can’t wait to give it to him. Thank you so much and have a very merry Christmas.


First, I would like to thank you for utilizing your talents in supporting AA.  Second, I would like to commend you on the excellent craftsmanship of the two Big Book Covers that I ordered and that were shipped and received sooner than expected.  Your craftsmanship is one to be admired and I am very pleased with my covers, the quality of the leather, the detailed instructions, tight stitching, fast shipping, etc.  I have referred several people to you.  Thanks for making such unique and beautifully crafted Christmas gifts for my Sponsor and myself.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


Cover arrived just as promised, a lot quicker than I thought possible.  Thanks, Bob.


Thank you very much for the quick work!

I’ll try the parchment paper dust covers and let you know how it goes.

The covers are for my sponsor and myself. Both of us take our pocket books with wherever we go. They tend to take a beating anyway. My current copies are held together with scotch tape and to one another with gorilla tape. They’re inexpensive and we’re fortunate to have a thriving bookstore here locally. So, easily and cheaply replaced. I guess the goal for the covers is more for organization than for preservation. Plus, leather covers are just plain “nice!”

Thank you very much! God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Received the covers today here at work. Wow! Very, very nice. Both pocket books slip in with the dust covers included. Plenty of room for a notepad & post-it flags. Thank you for the highlighters and pens. Already gave one of the pens to a coworker. Hopefully she’ll send you an order.

Can’t wait to give my sponsor his xmas gift tonight!


Hi Robert,

I want to thank you for doing such a spectacular job on the two big book covers for me and Jesse. I am totally impressed and I love them both! Jesse’s is perfect for him and I can’t wait to give it to him on his birthday, mine is also gorgeous and perfect for me!!

I would like to order two more, I am going to start giving them away as gifts for my home group members. The two new ones will be exactly like Jesse’s except for different leather colors.

The names are:






I am thinking turquoise leather for Elizabeth and Purple leather for Candiss.

Let me know what you have available.

Thanks again for doing such a fantastic job!


Hi Bob, This is Jennifer. I spoke at the Mid Winter Conference tonight. I just got to the hotel & opened my gift. Oh my goodness I was happily shocked by what was inside. Thank you so much! I actually have wanted a leather Big Book cover for some time. I’ve never had one. The quality of your work is amazing & I can tell us done with love & care.
I wish that I had opened the gift while there so that I could have found you and said thank you in person.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know I am touched by your generosity and I want to say thank you!


I received the book covers today. I am beside myself with joy and gratitude. Thank you so very much. They are absolutely perfect and just lovely. You are so talented. You have helped me to be able to thank these women for the incredible gift they gave me. These are really just so special to me. Thank you again.  Michelle


The two book covers are nothing short of incredible. You were a wizard at taking what I wanted and working with me to turn them into exactly what I needed. Every time I pick them up and feel them, look at them or read from the books they protect it brings me so much happiness. For your information, here is why I carry those two books when everyone else seems to carry the “two pack” big book–12X12 which have dozens of pre-made leather covers.

When I got out of detoxification and residential treatment at Puget Sound Hospital in 1981, I didn’t have much money, but I bought myself a hardback gift edition of the 12X12 and a lot of the other patients signed it. When I was about 3 years sober, I was running a teenage women’s group in 1984 (I was an alcoholism counselor in Tacoma). I read the last page of Step 5 when one of the members was struggling with when she would “find God as she understood him”. She was in a group home, had no books and I was moved to give it to her and told her to give it back when she got a regular 12 by 12 or big book. She dropped off the face of the earth as far as I knew about a month later. When I was about 20 years clean and sober, a woman from Seattle hunted me down and gave me back the 12 and 12, the girl in my group had gotten sober and sponsored her–she wanted to find me and give it back. It came back with very carefully done notes that the teen girl had made in it as she worked through the program. Incredible. And on April 30th I will have 35 years and the book I started with in detox.

The Stories Disclose book is the first statewide inventory of the Washington Area Assembly groups that existed in 1985, along with the history leading up to it. Sort of “AA Comes of Age” for WA Area Assembly. I was a trusted servant in groups in District 9 and District 29 (which split from 8 in about 1983). It is filled with groups I know, people I got sober with and adventures we all had “back in the day”. It is those groups, particularly in Pierce and Yakima Counties that gave me the gift of the last 35 years of recovery.

So. again. thank you. you are more than welcome to edit any of this for grammar and pass it on to others who might consider buying a book cover. If you are ever over here on a Tuesday, I’d be glad to buy you a cup of coffee at the Narrows Group

Thank you.



Hello Robert,     How are you? I received the cover and it looks good. Thanks a lot


Robert, we received the cover today and it is beautiful! We can’t wait to give it to our daughter who is 25 months clean from IV heroin abuse. I will recommend your work to everyone, it was worth every penny. Thanks for what you do!


I received my big book cover today and it is beautiful! I will be putting your business card on the bulletin boards of the local alano clubs in my area. Thank you again!


Received cover. Thank you for a job well done!! It’s perfect!


Hi Bob,  I received the covers yesterday. They are beautiful. Thank you so much.


The cover arrived ! You done an amazing job and I appreciate it a lot . Looks great and I will def be passing your cards around the sober community here . Thank you again man and GOD bless


Thank you for the Beautiful book cover!!  It exceeded my expectations!!  You do Wonderful work!!  I appreciate all the hard work it took to do this from all the emails from conception, design to the finished product.  Thanks Again!!


I just received the book cover. It is perfect! Thank you so much! Josh is going to love it.


Bob, this book cover looks fantastic! You do great work. I will refer you as much as I can to everyone I can.
Thanks again brother,


Bob, the BB cover is amazing.  I was traveling this past week and only arrived home today.  This cover is more than I expected or could have hoped.  Truly, and sincerely THANK YOU


Happy Thanksgiving!  I apologize for the tardy reply. I was out of country working. The red Big Book cover is AMAZING!!  Thank you so much.  I have  additional sponsees in various stages of recovery.  What a great one year anniversary gift!!


My sponsee was in tears when she opened her gift!  She has a renewed sense of vigor and appreciation for the program.


Thank you for the dual big book and 12/12 cover than you made for me.  I hesitated in responding with feedback as I do not like to complain. Never the less, I have decided to give some feedback as a service to you.

I was a little disappointed with the product as it differs from the online picture that I referenced in my order.   Attached is a picture of the photo that I referenced as well as a picture of the cover that I received.  As you will see from the pictures, the photo referenced is a lighter brown and more importantly, a clean, smooth leather.  The product received is darker and has quite a lot of dark creasing.
I understand that this may be common when ordering custom made products, particularly when ordering via the internet.
Again, I do not bring this up to complain, rather to provide feedback that can possibly be of value to you.

Thank you for the feedback and the extra effort you took to give a clear description of your concerns.

I would like to try to make this right. Not sure if I can, but please let me try.  Normally, I just return the customers costs as my pages says:
.: Guarantee

A simple guarantee:  If, for any reason, you do not like your new Leather Book Cover — you may return it, within 30 days, for a full refund.

I have and will continue to make mistakes. Giving a full refund of the money back and paying for the return postage is what I consider making amends for my mistake. Making and remaking a cover would put me out of business in a hurry

…and I am willing to do that for you, but before we do that I would like to make a new cover from a different goat and and from a different part of the skin. The neck area and back areas have the more pronounced grain and folds.

Since this is the Christmas rush, I will need to fit the rebuild in be tween the other committed orders.  Never-the-less, you took the time giving me a clear description of your issues.  I will be shooting for a smoother skin and color with more red in it.

– – – – – – – – o O o – – – – – – –
Information only: Normal issues with leather.  Each skin and each part of the skin reacts differently to the dye colors.  Each goat skin is approximately 5 square feet and as I joke: “goats aren’t square”, so getting clean section without scars or bug bites is sometime difficult, but that is my problem.

Thank you for your reply and your willingness to reproduce another cover!

I have made another cover (pictures attached) from another goat skin with same dye used in the cover you like.  The cover did not look exactly like that cover.

My question to you is: If you like the cover I will send to you. If you don’t like the cover I will refund your entire purchase price and offer my apologies. What would you like done?

I really appreciate your honesty! I would prefer the new cover as it is pretty similar to the gallery picture. I do enjoy the product and craftsmanship. In light of the inherent variables when using leather as you have so clearly written in your disclaimer, I do not think a full refund is appropriate. I look forward to doing business with you and referring your products to my recovery friends!

I received the new cover. Terrific. Thank you!!

Whew… Now I can stop holding my breath… Glad you like it


Hi Bob.  I received the custom Big Book Cover yesterday and I love it. thank you so much. I got it so fast!! it’s a Xmas gift and my friend will love it. thank you so much again.


Got the cover.  Ty.  I think I will just draw in the periods after my initials with a sharpie.

Sorry for the error on the cover (the missing periods).  I would be happy to emboss the periods so they look like the the rest of the cover.  Or refund your entire cost.  Your choice.  In either case, just send the cover back.

Thank you for the kind offer.  I prayed about it and was reminded that I don’t Always use periods when I write my initials.  I will keep the book cover as is and it will be unique, like I think of myself sometimes.  J  I do have one question – Being a horse person as well, I generally put Neatsfoot oil on everything leather I own…  OK for the book cover? I am fine if it darkens it.

Thank you for your uniqueness.

I’ve never used Neatsfoot oil on my leather covers, so I’m not sure what it would do.  I’ve used Neatsfoot oil on my belts and Fiebling’s Tan-Kote  as a top finish.  The Neatsfoot oil was used ti restore the oils lost in the heavy tooling process on the belt.  A very light coat of the oil was used.

When I finish the vegetable tanned leather, I use an airbrush to apply a light coat of Fiebing’s Resolene ( followed with a water resistant application of Skidmore’s Waterproofing ( that is really just a bees wax mixture with some oils in it.  If you would like, I could send you a sample leather applique with my finish on it and you could try your process on it.

I don’t recommend Neatsfoot oil, only because I’ve never tried it.


Thank you Robert, I really appreciate that you finished the cover so quickly. When we spoke on the phone you mentioned how busy you are right now, it’s very kind of you to have prioritized my project. I’m certain my sister will love the piece.


Just got cover and it is amazing! Thank u & God bless.


I got the book cover today.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  You are a real artist. It’s better than anything I could have imagined. Thank you so much.


I got it and I love it!!! Thank you. Your work is fantastic.