Faux Python Snake Hardcover Leather Book Cover


•B1 Basic Hardcover Big Book slip-on leather cover (8-1/2” by 5-3/4”): $79.95
•Sewn with Bonded Polyester #207 Black Thread all around the cover: $0.00
•Leather cover color: other: $0.00
other leather cover color: Faux Python Snake, Gold/Silver/Black/Brown tones
•Serenity Prayer (approx. 3.0″w x 1.75″h) on leather applique: $5.00
•Circle/triangle with Unity, Recovery & Service, plus “Trust God”, “Clean House” & “Help Others” on leather applique: $5.00
•Plain Medallion Holder on leather applique: $20.00
•The following quotation on leather applique: $0 for 0 words (Note: $0.70 each for the first 30 words, additional words $1.10 ea.)
•Strap and Snap to keep the cover closed: $10.00
•Applique (patch) was required for embossing: $5.00
Subtotal cost for cover: $124.95

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